12 metrics to analyze your brand's performance on YouTube

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12 metrics to analyze your brand's performance on YouTube

During this atypical year of the pandemic, YouTube has become an important ally in everyone's daily life. So, if your brand has a presence on the platform, with the help of Buzzmonitor you can analyze information and see how your videos are impacting users.

The 12 metrics that can be analyzed to make the most out of your account are:


Total subscribers

In the total subscribers metric, you can see how many subscribers your channel has.




Change in Total Subscribers

Change in Total Subscribers Metric allows you to see your channel’s subscriber gain. It’s important to know if the videos you post have a good impact.



Average change in subscribers per day

It analyzes the change in subscribers on your channel, by day, and helps you understand if your content is attracting new visitors and/or subscribers or if a loss is occurring.




Total posts

In Analytics Pro you can see how many posts, in total, were made to the channel.



Average publications per day

Analyze the average number of posts made on your brand channel per day.




Top Posts

Find out which videos had the most engagement (interactions, views, likes, likes and comments) and see what content is generating the most positive feedback.

You can only preview images of channels that are synchronized in CRM.




Total views

Track the total views that videos get from your channel.




Views growth 

See the growth of the views your videos receive.


Average views per day 

Find out, on average, how many views your channel receives per day.


Maximum views 

You can see which day your channel had the most views.






Growth and average engagement 

Measuring your channel’s engagement can help create videos that are more focused on your subscribers' interests, the more they like content, the more they get involved in the channel.






Interactions on YouTube are: likes; comments; dislikes and visualizations. Track the performance of your interactions with the help of Analytics.




In addition to viewing your brand metrics and statistics, you can compare your channel with your competitor’s and analyze the performance.


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