21 reports to optimize your Customer Care on Social Media

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21 reports to optimize your Customer Care on Social Media

Customer Care in social media has gained relevance in the last decade being so influential in the consumer's purchase decision as well as Marketing. Dissatisfied consumers complain on social media and influence potential new consumers of a brand. That's why at Buzzmonitor we usually say that SAC is the new Marketing.

And to know if you are on the right track, you should measure everything possible in the execution of your SAC 2.0.

By default, when registering a new account in Buzzmonitor, 21 preconfigured reports are automatically created in the tab Customer Care, so you can optimize the customer service provided by your brand on its digital channels. 

However, before you start to analyze the SAC 2.0 reports, its necessary to configure Buzzmonitor according to your opening hours, so that the SLA of the reports goes according to the period in which your brand is active in social media (for example from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 7pm). To do this, just go to Settings, selecciona la opción CRM and choose the days and hours your company provides Social CRM services. Ready!




But, what are the main metrics (attention KPI) to measure the productivity of a team? 

Here we tell you!


1 - Daily volume and comments received: Daily volume of messages and mentions that the brand receives from its users, divided by sentiment.




2 - Monthly volume and comments received: Total messages or comments received from your consumers during the month, divided by sentiment.




3 - Monthly volume and unique users: Total unique users and messages your brand received in the month, divided by sentiment.




4 - Volume by social media: Total messages or comments your brand received on each social media.



5 - Total volume of unanswered: Total messages not answered by the brand.


6 - General feeling of received messages: Sentiment of the testimonials received on all the brand's social networks.




7 - Sentiment of messages by social network: Feeling of testimonials received in each social network.




8 - Daily volume of responses sent: Total responses sent per day.




10 - Volume of responses sent by social network: Total responses sent, divided by social network.



11 - SLA (tiempo medio de respuesta): shows the average time it took to respond to your customer interactions.



12 - Answers sent by analyst: Total responses submitted by each analyst.




13 - Brand response: this report will help to visualize the responses on a board.




14 - Evolución diaria de tickets por estado: Muestra el total de tickets y sus estados por día.




15 - Monthly evolution of tickets: Shows the total tickets for the month and their status.



16 - Status of tickets by analyst: Shows the total number of tickets for each analyst and their status.




17 - Priority of tickets: Number of tickets by priority.



18 - Monthly volume of tickets by social network: Total tickets in each social network.




19 - Answers sent by hours: Brand response time.




20 - Received messages: This report will show all the comments received, as well as the daily volume.



21 - Most Active Users: Which users interact the most with your brand and on which social network it appears the most. 



Remember that all Buzzmonitor reports are customizable. It is as simple as cloning any report and editing its variables. The possibilities are endless!


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