5 Tips to monitor sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook



5 Tips to monitor sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook

When a brand decides to sponsor a post on Facebook or Instagram, the engagement is instant. Comments, reactions, and likes start to arrive as users become “engaged” with the content. But not all engagement is good. A simple campaign can generate negative engagement as well that can damage the brands image.


That's why, when you sponsor a post, it's necessary to monitor it, so you can obtain information that goes beyond the one you can gather from traditional analytics.


So what are the most important things to monitor in a sponsored post? Below are 5 tips to help you gather the most important information about your sponsored post:


1) Create a report to monitor only your sponsored posts

By focusing your reports only on your sponsored campaigns, you will be able to gather better insights.


When you register a brand on Buzzmonitor, automatically all of your posts will be collected on the monitoring part of the software. So how do you separate the organic posts from the sponsored ones?



  • The first step is to select the correct filters so that only the sponsored posts appear on the report. Select the period where your sponsored are published.


  • Remember than in “Services” you must select only the social network that you wanna monitor. In the example we will selec Facebook, but remember that its also possible to monitor Instagram.


  • In the “Facebook Only” option, select “Posts”, so that Buzzmonitor shows you the posts made from your page. Afterwards, select the option “Nature”. Here, in order to monitor only the sponsored posts, its necessary to select the option “sponsored”. In the option “Origin”, select only the ones that come from your “Page”.


  • Done! Now all you need to do is to click on apply and you will be able to see the report monitoring only your sponsored campaigns.


2) Find out which users engage more with your sponsored campaign 

Ready to meet your future clients? Users that engage to a sponsored post are a valuable asset that might generate future income for your company. And at the same time, you can also identify the type of follower that is more interested in your brand.


  • Create a new report. The first step is to add your sponsored post to your filters, so that you can discover which users interact the most with yout post. On the search box, copy and paste part of the text from your post. Don’t forget to select only the social network that you want to monitor and to add the correct period of time when your post was published, as well as the nature of the post (sponsored in this case), like we explained on point number one of this list.


  • Select the post, click on More and choose the option “Add posts to filters”​


  • Now. remove the copied text from the search box, go to the variables option, and select the next settings: n:


  • Group by: user
  • Dimension: number of posts
  • Division: no division


Done! Now all of the users that interact the most with your campaign will appear on your report.


3)Discover the hashtags associated to your campaign

Your campaign probably uses a hashtag, but  you know which hashtags your follower are using to talk about your brand?


To find out, go to the variables option and select the following settings:

  • Group by: Hashtag
  • Dimension: number of posts
  • Division: no division

Done! Now you will be able to see the hashtags that were used by your followers to comment about your campaign.


4) Follow all of the activity of your sponsored post through a dashboard

You can follow all of the reports that you created to monitor your sponsored post on a single screen, and then share it to your clients and co-workers easily using a link, easily with Buzzmonitor.

To create a dashboard of your reports, all you need to do is click on the option “View as dashboard” and done! You will now have all of your reports on a single screen.


5) Create email alerts for sensible comments on your sponsored post

In order for a brand to avoid an image crisis, its important to follow all of the comments generated on their campaigns, especially when they are negative or complaints.


  • Click on your profile icon in the main Buzzmonitor screen, and select the Triggers option. Now click on Create new trigger.​


  • Give a name to your trigger and click on next


  • On Sources, select the social network that you are monitoring and your brand.


  • On the filters, write the sensitive terms you wanna monitor like “Horrible”, “Bad” or “Terrible”. On the sentiment you can leave only the negative box selected. Now click on next.


  • In the last section, on Actions, add the email that will receive the alerts and also choose for how long you want to receive them. In case of a crisis it is recommended to receive them every 10 minutes. In case it's just a routine monitoring, we recommend choosing the every 12 hours option. Select the sentiment as negative, and you’re all set. All you need is to click on create at the end.


Monitor your campaigns with these suggestions and your sponsored posts will bring even better results to your company!



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