50% of the YouTube smartphone users watch the videos in their homes



50% of the YouTube smartphone users watch the videos in their homes

A new study by Think with Google shows a change in the consumers’ behavior when it comes to videos, which nowadays are on demand and can be seen at any time and any place.

The study shows that each type of screen is used to access a different type of information. Smartphones are more used for entertainment videos, for example, while computers are used for travel and food videos, which can normally be seen in offices during work. On the other hand, TVs are used for news, sports, and humor.

These changes in the consumer behavior create opportunities for brands to connect with their public. For that, it’s necessary to know how users interact with the videos that are published, analyzing if the video can be seen in all screen formats. It is also necessary to understand the context in which the consumer is in, so that you can create more effective campaigns.

Check out the full study from Think With Google here.


How to get insights from videos? 

Buzzmonitor offers two possibilities for brands to be able to get insights from videos: monitoring and YouTube Social Analytics

●     Monitoring

1. – On Brands, register the terms you wish to monitor and your brand’s YouTube channel link. 


2 – Create a new report with the name “YouTube”. Here you have two options to create a report: on Edit Report, on the Services bar, leave only the YouTube option selected, or apply the filter directly on the report. The only thing you need to do is click the icon that corresponds to the platform you want to monitor on the icon bar above the graph. 


Done! Now, it’s easier to create reports with your YouTube channel’s information. You can create many reports that show, for example, the times of the day with the biggest audience, the terms that are mentioned with most, and which users comment the most on your videos.  

Another possibility to understand the context of the users from your audience is to create a Top Bios report. That means that, with the most mentioned terms in the personal profile descriptions of the users who interact the most with your videos: are they teachers? Students? Designers? All this information is delivered to you through a report. 



●     YouTube Social Analytics 

Once your channel is registered on brands, go to the Social Analytics module to find the YouTube Analytics folder.

In this module, you can access comparative reports between your brand’s YouTube channel and the competitors’, with metrics such as: engagement, subscription growth, views, and more. 



 Done! Now you can track all the data about your brand’s videos. 



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