6 Buzzmonitor new features for September 2020!

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6 Buzzmonitor new features for September 2020!

Discover the Buzzmonitor's news that were online on september.


Buzzmonitor Reports


1. New follow-up reports

We make adjustments to the filters of some standard reports and include new reports: "Monthly Volume", "Volume by Days of the Week", "Topic Relationship" and "Most Like Posts".




2. New Customer Service Reports (CRM)

We also modified the reports in the Overview CRM folder for a better view of the summary of CRM operation of social media profiles.




3. Delete LinkedIn comments and posts

You can now delete comments and posts from LinkedIn. This feature works similarly to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.




4. Productivity chart

View the grouping by productivity based on the date of classification of the interactions. In addition, you can select the actions to display on the productivity chart.

Available Options:

  • Add tag
  • Remove label
  • Change of feeling
  • Archive/unarchive and respond.

This chart is now limited to filters by services, period, and sources.





5. Suggested labels with artificial intelligence

The new Tag Suggestion feature is now available for all accounts. You need to enable the option on the Tags tab of the Settings page.



Buzzmonitor Publisher


6. Configuration in the programming module

We made improvements to the loading of module information and also made modifications to the layout for a better display of schedules on the History tab.



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