6 new features for Buzzmonitor

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6 new features for Buzzmonitor

We continue to listen to our customers and implement new features that make working with social media even easier and more dynamic. Discover what’s new: 


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1. Personalization of the days and hours of attention that optimize the calculation of the SLA's 

It is now possible to customize the days and times used to calculate the response time to Customer Service posts, allowing the configuration of different files per day, as well the addition of intervals. You can also select non-working days, which can be set to be repeated annually.

The novelty allows you to accurately measure the service time of your brand and the team of analysts, even if service hours vary. Through Settings it is possible to configure the parameters of the new feature and make your brand's SLA even more accurate.




2. The interface now provides detailed information about Instagram profiles

By hovering your mouse over the profiles of Instagram posts, you’ll see the following information:

  • Number of publications.
  • Profiles that follow.
  • Profile followers.


* Resource available only for posts, except those sponsored or collected by hashtags or mentions.




3. New filter function "Search"

You can now only filter terms that are present in your post. Posts prior to this date continue to work the old-fashioned way, also taking into account the description/biography of the user, for social networks that have this data.




4. More security: expiring passwords

You can set an expiration time for the Buzzmonitor access password. That is, if the user accesses after the defined expiration period, you must set a new password.

This feature is useful for seasonal service teams or to strengthen the security of Buzzmonitor access, which requires users to update their password period.


* Optional functionality




5. ALT TEXT for Tweets:

Alternative text for tweets benefits visually impaired people with a functionality that allows you to add a text description to images.

It is now possible to add a description to images posted in tweet responses. The description can help visually impaired people understand what's being published. 


* Coming soon, the feature will be extended to other social networks managed by Buzzmonitor.





6. New filter by Post Nature (organic or sponsored):

The filter allows you to create alerts and automations taking into account whether the post is organic or sponsored.


* Exclusive filter for Facebook and Instagram





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