6 New features of Buzzmonitor for October 2020!

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6 New features of Buzzmonitor for October 2020!

These are the 6 new features of Buzzmonitor we launch on October. 


Buzzmonitor reports

1- New general language filter

The language filter, previously only available for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, is now a general filter that can be applied to all social media interactions.

* This filter does not apply to Tickets.




2- New filter for Social CRM

The Social CRM filters "Response sent by login" and "Responded by login" now also allow selecting teams. The new option allows you to filter the responded interactions and the response interactions made by the users of the selected computers.




3- New Instagram URL interaction filter

It is now also possible to filter Instagram posts, and their comments and responses, using the post's URL.

The new option works similarly to the same filters for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In other words, it is possible to add a URL through the report filters or through the collected publication options.

* Filter also available in Triggers




4- New filter by type of interaction for Linkedin

Linkedin interactions can now be filtered by type:

  • Publication
  • Commentary
  • Answer

* Filter available for triggers





Buzzmonitor Dashboards


5- Clone Dashboards

We added the option to clone a Dashboard (or dashboard) as it already exists for the reports and monitoring folders. Clone your dashboards and create new ones by changing the report filters.




6- New interaction filter with only mentions

We added the option to filter by Facebook or Instagram comments and responses that only have user profile tags.







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