Arty Water: a new brand of flavored water finding its voice

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Arty Water: a new brand of flavored water finding its voice

I first came across Arty Water in a piece from Fast Company magazine. Complete serendipity led me to their Twitter and Facebook page and then impressed by the originality of their idea and being also a recently converted artichoke fan I tweeted about them. That happened a few times before, but I never had heard from any of the brands I tweeted (none of my tweets in German, Spanish, Portuguese or English to brands were ever answered).

Not with Arty Water. They sent me a clever tweet with a very straightforward offer:


I took a few days to decide if I should give my US address to them (living in Europe privacy issues somehow found their way under my skin) but I finally decided: yes, what the heck? So I emailed them with my data and will see if they are going to live up for their promise.

Our interaction could have stopped right there but then they got a bonus: I decided to write about it to my few followers in Twitter. Why? First because I am also in Social Marketing Business, being one of the product managers of Buzzmonitor ( and a social media savvy company never fails to impress me. Second because I am a fan of new healthy beverages. So the innocent tweet they sent along triggered unexpected actions like my writing this and contributing my few cents for the building of their brand.

Just lie Arty Water did, more and more brands and especially new young brands will be using Social Media to connect to well-informed consumers looking for more than a shiny logo. However these interactions must be careful crafted not to give the impression a brand is just fishing for customers. People will hate companies that just automatically favorite any tweet mentioning Healthy AND beverage, or following them and after a few minutes un-following (just don´t). Extra care should be taken to know better the person you want to interact with to establish trust and hence an enduring dialogue.

At Buzzmonitor, we came up with a simple but powerful concept to help companies to better talk to people on Twitter. We called it deep profile. Buzzmonitor deep profile presents the marketer with a summary extracted directly from a person time-line, bio and other fields. You can locate a specific tweet and click on View Deep profile, a fictitious example is shown below.


Time-lines are particular data-rich assets and our algorithms looks at anything that might be of interest for a specific domain. For example if the person mentions at any time she is a mom, checked in on a Yoga course or is buying organic, we will note that at her deep profile, saving it for the future. With more information about the consumer it is much easier to start a meaningful dialogue and to increase the chances you´ll have feedback from the person. Why don´t you give it a try?



Jairson Vitorino, @jvitorino is CTO at Elife, the 10-year old company behind Buzzmonitor. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and currently lives in Germany.



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