Buzzmonitor launches new Influencers module with Artificial Intelligence



Buzzmonitor launches new Influencers module with Artificial Intelligence

Buzzmonitor launches its new Influencers module in beta. The new module is present in all Buzzmonitor payment accounts and allows you to identify influencers from keyword searches, social networks and profile types (companies or people). The new module is an integral part of Buzzmonitor and uses advanced Artificial Intelligence concepts, such as identifying the age of influencers (from automatic photo analysis) and identifying the topics most cited by them.






Even in beta, Buzzmonitor Influencers offers access to 172,000 influencers in its first week, and new influencers are added weekly.


Keyword research allows you to find new influencers in several ways:

  • Influencer name: what it's called.
  • Username: @ profile name.
  • Biography: Words found in their description. For example, it may be from the football team that the influencer supports or any other information such as artists he likes or declared religion.
  • Terms: Terms used in publications.
  • Topics mentioned: the topics or topics identified by artificial intelligence among the most mentioned by the influencer.
  • Mentions: mentions of other profiles (@) made by the influencer.


It is also possible to perform "Boolean search" for influencers to find specific terms, example:

Wine OR beer




In addition, it is possible to combine searches by influencers on several social networks:


  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (pages only)
  • Youtube


Buzzmonitor Influencers identifies the most cited hashtags by each influencer, the topics and relationships between the topics cited, as well as the latest influencer posts.




"Our next step is to create monitoring projects using the influencer module, a feature that is already available in Buzzmonitor's Listening," says Jairson Vitorino, Buzzmonitor's CTO. In the future, users of the Buzzmonitor Trends platform will also have a simplified version of Buzzmonitor Influencers.



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