Buzzmonitor updates: New features on the platform

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Buzzmonitor updates: New features on the platform

2020 was an atypical year, however at Buzzmonitor we remain firm in our commitment to you, our clients. We have listened to and implemented many of the suggestions requested in recent months to continue being the multichannel social media platform that brings more news to the market. December would be no different. Here are the Christmas news:


New interfaz brings the concept of Buzzmonitor Home: a summary of the main data of your account. 


The Buzzmonitor home page has been redesigned to give you an overview of your brand management modules.

The new interface offers a summary of data and the main configurations and possibilities offered by Buzzmonitor for Monitoring, CRM, Analytics and Publisher. With this, your team can access what they need more easily.

Initially, it is available to view summary information about projects, tickets, analysis and scheduled posts. This way, you access a scenario of all sections and you can quickly choose what you want to see. And this is just the beginning, more developments will soon be implemented in the Home.


  • Monitoring: an overview of the registered projects and the volume per project in the selected period.
  • Customer Care: ticket summary, grouped by status, priority and sentiment, and information about the SLA.
  • Analyze: information about participation, followers / fans and interactions of each profile registered in this module.
  • Schedule: top information about the scheduling posts on the account, with links to schedule and view the posting calendar.



Cloud Term Report: so much requested and already implemented!


  • Term Cloud: Groups terms or hashtags into a chart and analyze which ones were most relevant through a cloud of terms:



And more news:

  • Term graphics optimization: more time for your team. Graphs grouped by terms, hashtag and biography have been optimized and now load up to 5 times faster in volumes of up to 10,000 interactions.
  • New search filters for LinkedIn: how do your main lovers and haters interact on LinkedIn? To find out, take advantage of the new LinkedIn publishing filters: search by user, text search by network username and "From", that is, if the source of the publication is a page or a common user.

These filters are also available in Triggers.



  • Information about Twitter or Instagram users: by hovering over Twitter or Instagram profiles, your analysts can now verify when that information was last updated. This prevents your brand from working with data that is no longer relevant.



Buzzmonitor Trends allows you to compare two search terms and view related influencers


  • Comparison of terms: It is now possible to compare the mention history of two terms in Buzzmonitor Trends. Visualize metrics faster and more conveniently when you need to compare results.



  • Influencers Widget: a Buzzmonitor Influencers widget has been added to Trends, showing the top influencers who mentioned the search term.



Buzzmonitor influencers get a new interface and news


Buzzmonitor’s Influencers module has a new interface, with new search possibilities. And new options to manage your brand influencers. They are the following:


  • New filter design: changes were made to the menu to make it easier to see and choose the available filters.



  • Add a new influencer: now you can also suggest that new influencers be added to the platform, through the profile URL or even through a spreadsheet containing multiple profiles. Submitted influencers will be analyzed by the Buzzmonitor team before being added to the platform.



  • Report influencers profiles: you can report profiles with inappropriate content. Complaints will be analysed and profiles will be removed from the platform as soon as possible.




Oh, and of course, we can’t close this year without thanking you, for all the ideas for improvement you’ve given us. Our commitment is to remain the most complete and flexible multi-channel social media platform in 2021.


Thank you.


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