Buzzmonitor's New Interface

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Buzzmonitor's New Interface

New year, new interface: our Buzzmonitor home page has been completely reinvented and now shows a summary of all the possibilities offered by the platform for Monitoring, Customer Service, Analytics and Scheduling.


From this page, it is possible to define which modules you want to use and have an overview of your account data. Initially, you will be available to view summary information about projects, tickets, analysis, and scheduled posts. In this way, the account manager can have an overview of all the modules and have quick access to what they want to see:


  • Monitor: here you can have an overview of the registered projects and the volume per project, within the selected period.
  • Answer: there is a summary of the tickets, grouped by status, priority and sentiment, and information about the SLA.
  • Analyze: You can obtain information about engagement, followers / fans and interactions of each profile registered in this module.
  • Schedule: Here you can view the main information about scheduling posts in your account, with links to schedule and view the posting calendar.


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