Chatbots interact through keywords on user comments on Facebook pages.

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Chatbots interact through keywords on user comments on Facebook pages.

Imagine you have a Telecom. When you sponsor a post on Facebook, you receive dozens of negative comments from users who are dissatisfied with your services, some of them threatening to report your brand to some sort of consumer rights entity. 

The good news is that when commenting the term “consumer rights” or something similar, the user can automatically activate nor only an alert, but also the automatic interaction from a chatbot on the brand’s page.

The chatbots already are a reality on Facebook Messenger, automatically interacting with clients. And now they can also be activated through comments made on posts.

On and Buzzmonitor, we already are using this technology for all of our bots. The goal is to allow the brands to reply some of the questions made on their posts through private messaging. That means that when a keyword is mentioned on a post on the brand’s page, the chatbot automatically sends a message regarding that keyword to the user.

Here is a practical example of how this works: if a consumer writes a comment on a brand post and writes the word “excellent” in it, for example, the chatbot can be programmed to send a private massage to the user, thanking him for the compliment and offering other products from the brand. The keywords that will be published by the users in the fanpage must always be in a text format, so that the chatbot can recognize it and privately interact with him on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot message can be programmed to be a text, an image, an audio note, a video, or a gallery with a combination of these formats, for example.

It is also posible to manage a crisis with chatbots. In case the comments have dissatisfaction content, with images that suggest the abandonment of the brand or words such as “terrible”, “bad”, or “I don’t like it”, it’s possible for the chatbot to get in touch with that consumer in an attempt to understand what happened and handle the situation.


Application of this technology

The Bench Warmers page, a virtual store for sports equipment, is already using this tool to interact with its consumers:

Example of a Bot directly interacting in the brand’s fanpage



Example of a bot directly interacting in the brand’s fanpage through the hashtag #manutdaway


Example of a Bot interacting on Facebook Messenger after the comment with the keyword #manutdaway


You can check out this example directly on their page:


This new possibility offers even more business opportunities for brands, that have one more tool to interact with their consumers. Crisis can be solved more easily, and small problems can be solved quicker, making your digital customer support even more effective. 

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