Does your brand have a Facebook group? It can be missing a huge opportunity



Does your brand have a Facebook group? It can be missing a huge opportunity

Now brands have the ability to reply as pages inside Facebook groups without having to create a personal profile to Interact for the brand. That offers a series of opportunities and insights to directly interact with the consumer. 

Opportunities for brands​

●     VIP customer service: these are people who can receive custom support and content on the group, without having to go into the normal support line on Facebook pages. That is, VIP consumer groups can be invited to these groups, for example, influencers, having a quick, exclusive and custom support. 

●     Specialized support: speaking of custom support, a brand can create a group that specialized in certain products to clear doubts and perform a specific customer service over specific demands. A mobile company, for example, can have a group only about iPhones. Consumers that are also experts on the subject can help on the support, in a way that the problem is solved more quickly, accurately, and effectively. YouTubers and bloggers can be invited to post special content on the groups. 

●     Incentive programs: brands that have franchises or a sales force can gather all their teams in one group to manage them more easily. 

Influencer groups: when making a campaign to incentivate influencers, it’s possible to invite them to join a closed Facebook group. In that group, the brand can directly talk to the influencers, making the Influencer Lifetime Value measurement easier. Check here what is  Influencer Lifetime Value.

●     “Pre-test” campaigns: the brand can create a group with consumers that will previously test campaigns, and can even co-create the pieces along with the group, increasing the possibility of creating more accurate campaigns that will bring more positive results for the brands. 


How to reply in a group as a brand

1.Create a Facebook group, so you can become its administrator (it is only possible to link groups that you manage to your page).

2 .Go to your page and click on the “Groups” tab on the left side. If that tab doesn’t appear for you,  Check here how to activate it

3 .Then click on “Link your group”, select the group you wish to link, and done! The visitors from your page will now be able to interact to the groups that are linked to it, and that way, you can reply to them inside the group as a brand. 


How to create a group Dashboard on Buzzmonitor 

With Buzzmonitor, it’s possible to collect data from Facebook groups, as long as they’re not private or secret. In those cases, only the group administrator can recover the group data via API.

1 – On Buzzmonitor, go to “Brands” on the gear on the upper right side, and click on “Advanced Search”.

2 - Select “Facebook”, insert the URL of the group you want to monitor, click on “Save” and name your new project.  

3 – Done! All you need to do is search for your project’s folder on the “Monitoring” tab on Buzzmonitor and select the “See as Dashboard” option to see all the group’s reports.


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