How can Smart Replies and Saved Replies optimize care team productivity?

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How can Smart Replies and Saved Replies optimize care team productivity?

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly important and increasingly present in people's lives. With it, we are able to perform numerous functions in different areas, such as optimizing the productivity of your company's SAC team.


Buzzmonitor has two tools with this feature: Smart Replies and Saved Replies.


We'll tell you what each does for your brand.


Smart Replies uses artificial intelligence to suggest the most likely answers to consumer questions. These suggestions are made to customer service analysts through Buzzmonitor's Customer Care interface and they start to appear after the hundredth response sent by the Customer Care team.


The tool reads the question, analyzes the history of already submitted answers, which are consistent with the question pattern, and then continues to suggest likely answers that may eliminate the need.




Last Saved Replies are responses that analysts can maintain for the most common message types. A response saved by an analyst is available to the entire team accessing the Buzzmonitor Service module.


To create a saved response simply click on reply to the interaction and in the lower left corner there will be the "Create Response" option. You can customize them and use the answers saved in frequently asked questions.




Advantages of Smart Replies:

"Respond to an interaction faster";

"Present models of how to respond to the customer";

"It's an easier way to vary the pattern of answers."


Advantages of Saved Replies

"Facilitates and optimizes time for some standard responses";

"It facilitates the consultation of an answer when we have doubts about what to say";

"Having a basic text that can be modified on a case-by-case basis".


If your care team doesn't already use both features, it's worth a try. In addition to optimizing team response time, Buzzmonitor features promise to make it easier for new team members to join.


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