How to keep control of a franchise on social media



How to keep control of a franchise on social media

The franchise system has big advantages, both for franchisors and franchisees. One of the main benefits is the possibility of using coordinated marketing campaigns, performed collectively, often with better results than individual campaigns. And this is how new opportunities can be taken advantage of with the use of social media.


However, it’s exactly on social media that one of the biggest franchise mistakes happen: the proliferation of Facebook pages of one brand for different locations or franchises. This generates fragmentation, giving the consumer the idea of a network without any redirecting and even the impression of a “pirate”, non-authorized, page. This practice is extremely negative for the franchises and the brands, making it weaker.


Nevertheless, the creation of different pages for the same Brand can, many times, be avoided. In this case, what’s left to the franchiser is to create a monitoring project to monitor their franchise’s activities in the main social media platforms, as well as the interaction with clients. 


Monitoring the franchises’ Facebook pages

1.Register the franchise’s pages to monitor them .


2. In the folder that will be created automatically in the monitoring module, you will have Access to 7 reports. To keep track of what’s being said in the pages, use the Volume Evolution report.


3. In the report settings, choose to view only posts and comments made by users.

4. All the posts and comments made by users in the monitored pages will be shown under the Volume Evolution graphic, in which you can keep track of what’s being talked about your brand.


5. To keep track on what the franchises publish, the only thing you need to do is reset the report’s settings and select only posts made by the page. This way the franchiser will know if the content is being published according to the brand’s guidelines.       


The same is valid to keep track of franchises’ profiles on Twitter and Instagram. For that, it’s only necessary to change the social media on Services


Now you can format  dashboard with reports (user posts and franchise posts) to keep track of them in real time.

The possibilities are endless!  Start monitoring your franchise today!

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