Social CRM: optimize your customer support with saved replies

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Social CRM: optimize your customer support with saved replies

Early in 2015, Facebook released the “Very responsive to messages” badge for pages that answer 90% of their private messages in an average span of 5 minutes. The goal was to stimulate communication between brands and consumers, making customer service on the platform faster.


Still on the same year, Facebook also disclosed new functions that improve Social CRM on the platform and helped pages to reach the very responsive badge. Among the novelties was “saved replies”.

Saved replies allow the social media manager to keep answers to the most frequente questions. For example, on’s fanpage we get a lot of questions about job openings and we usually ask people to send us their CV. Having this reply saved and customized for each user saves the company time and also makes customer service faster. It’s a two way street.

On Buzzmonitor the function is also available. Check out how to use it:

●      After clicking on the “reply” icon, in a few steps you will be able to send a saved reply.


●      If you still don’t have a saved reply, you can create it in the same message box. It’s possible to customize the message by adding the first name of the user or the name in their account, all you have to do is click on the buttons.

*Translation: Hi! My name is Victor and I am currently in my 6th semester of college estoy....

**Translation: Hi Victor, please send your CV to, best of luck!


●      It’s also possible to edit/delete saved replies.


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