Social CRM: turn a public complaint into a private reply

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Social CRM: turn a public complaint into a private reply

At the end of 2015, Facebook implemented a series of new functions with the purpose of stimulating and optimizing the conversation between users and fan pages on the platform. One of the main changes was the possibility for the page to answer comments through private messages.

Before that, when consumers commented on the page, the social media professional had only option: to answer the comment publicly. This condition wasn’t practical, since some situations demanded the brand to ask the client to get send messages via inbox with their personal information.

On Buzzmonitor, the new function has been already available for some time. In a very simple way, basically with just one click, brands can turn a public complaint or doubt into a private conversation.



●      On the Buzzmonitor’s Social CRM sector, click on the reply icon.


●      At the interaction screen, select the “Wall” option (to answer publicly) or “Private” (to answer via inbox).

However, it’s important to remember that this option is only allowed for comments or replies. Facebook’s API doesn’t authorize this function for posts.

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