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social crm / - 21/04/2017 00:54:58

Social Media in Practice: The Automation of customer services

DID YOU KNOW… … chatbots give service to an average of 30% of consumers without the need for human intervention? Bots that interact with users on the internet allow these users to ask questions to which an appropriate answer is formulated, according to a pre-defined guide. But the possibilities go…

social crm / - 09/10/2016 18:03:00

3 metrics to monitor the performance of your bot on a Real-time dashboard

With the current rise of bots, companies are now increasingly investing in customer support via chat (WhatsApp or Messenger, for example). But how can I monitor customers that are using my brand’s bot?   Thinking about this, we integrated bots to Buzzmonitor Dashboards. This makes it much easier to analyze the…