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social crm / - 12/02/2021 09:45:53

How can Smart Replies and Saved Replies optimize care team productivity?

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly important and increasingly present in people's lives. With it, we are able to perform numerous functions in different areas, such as optimizing the productivity of your company's SAC team.   Buzzmonitor has two tools with this feature: Smart Replies and Saved Replies.   We'll tell you…

Monitoring / - 02/02/2021 09:50:06

Buzzmonitor launches new Influencers module with Artificial Intelligence

Buzzmonitor launches its new Influencers module in beta. The new module is present in all Buzzmonitor payment accounts and allows you to identify influencers from keyword searches, social networks and profile types (companies or people). The new module is an integral part of Buzzmonitor and uses advanced Artificial Intelligence concepts,…

social crm / - 21/01/2021 17:31:47

21 reports to optimize your Customer Care on Social Media

Customer Care in social media has gained relevance in the last decade being so influential in the consumer's purchase decision as well as Marketing. Dissatisfied consumers complain on social media and influence potential new consumers of a brand. That's why at Buzzmonitor we usually say that SAC is the new…