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Monitoring / - 02/02/2021 09:50:06

Buzzmonitor launches new Influencers module with Artificial Intelligence

Buzzmonitor launches its new Influencers module in beta. The new module is present in all Buzzmonitor payment accounts and allows you to identify influencers from keyword searches, social networks and profile types (companies or people). The new module is an integral part of Buzzmonitor and uses advanced Artificial Intelligence concepts,…

Monitoring / - 06/12/2016 23:43:24

I found the micro-influencers, what’s the next step?

4 easy steps for the use of micro-influencers’ success Many people ask themselves: what do I do when I find an influencer? Should we activate it with paid media (ads, paid actions) or spontaneous media (public relations, events, etc)? What’s the next step? At E.life we have a different approach.…

Monitoring / - 06/12/2016 23:34:09

Facebook bots: How to reduce 40% of human service’s demand?

The creation of a bot doesn’t end when it’s launched. During the year of 2016, E.life was responsible for developing 40 chatbot prototypes for companies, but only after the first project went live we could really understand how the application would affect the Social CRM operation.  “Bots are applications (robots) created…