The importance of historic analysis on Social Media reports



The importance of historic analysis on Social Media reports

The historic analysis of data is a simple methodology, however forgotten many times by social media analysts. At the same time in which it offers a comparison parameter between the current data and a previous time period, it allows them to tell good stories from the changes revealed by the differences between both periods.And good stories based on data help the analyst innovate on the reports, find insights, business opportunities, and engage the reader.

A historic analysis allows all that to happen, when we understand what has changed since the previous report.
The data evolution analysis will also help make decisions. For example: if on the previous week there was a brand image crisis and a negative term represented 15% of the buzz, we can analyze how much that same term represents now. If it grew or reduced, it can help define the best strategy to take.

Confront the differences and resemblances between the periods, investigate to understand your audience’s behavior transformation on social media. There, you’re already making decisions based on data!

At last, prioritize new information and unusual topics on your report; new positioning and happenings that might interest the client.


Historic Analysis on Buzzmonitor

Buzzmonitor’s monitoring module features the option to compare data from the current time period with a previous one with just one click. The goal is to optimize the social media analyst’s routine and help him draft more complete reports for their clients. Star monitoring your posts on social media here.

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