The most complete
and flexible platform
for social media and
multichannel services

Listen to millions of conversations on social media, provide customer service to your users on all your digital channels and analyse your brand’s performance, all in one place. 

Tailor-made solutions


Listen to what’s said about your brand and your competitors. Monitor terms and mentions on social media.


Respond to your users on all your brand’s social media platforms, in a quick, efficient and centralised way. 


Evaluate your performance on social media. Keep a close watch on metrics and results for your brand and your competitors.


Schedule posts on all your social media profiles, create workflows and manage teams.  

When the use of Social Intelligence transforms
your business's digital strategy.


Identify insights and
opportunities for improvement

Support your brand’s strategic decisions with data and relevant
insights that lead to great results.

Guarantee a centralised service
on social media

Provide your users with the best experience on all your digital
channels by offering a centralised service on one platform.

Anticipate a crisis situation
surrounding your brand

Stay one step ahead. Be able to identify a damaging mention or
comment about your brand, through triggers (alerts), in order to
deal with the case in the best way possible, ahead of time.

The ideal solution for your business


Find out how Buzzmonitor can help your brand reach its targets.


Find out how to make the most of Social Intelligence in different sectors and industries.  


Analyse other business’s success stories, compare results and discover how to apply Social Intelligence to your brand.  

Practical application of Buzzmonitor

Find out how to use Social Intelligence in your sector through our studies and cases and analyse your business or industry’s social media in real time. 


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