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More than 500 companies already trust

More than 500 companies already trust Buzzmonitor



By centralising all their digital channels on one platform and organising their customer support operation on social media,  Mc Donald’s were able to optimise their customer experience  basing it on data and artificial intelligence. 

Sonae Sierra

By keeping a close watch on user sentiments and their opinions regarding the shopping malls, whilst responding to messaging and comments from one single platform, Sonae Sierra were able to integrate all of their brands and digital channels on one platform, analyse results and make decisions based on the data collected.  


Mahou San Miguel

Through data and image analysis Mahou San Miguel optimised their customer journey on social media and identified relevant insights for improving their strategy.

Grupo W

Knowing what opinions users have about a programme on social media in real time is essential for creating efficient communication strategies. Grupo W carries out social media monitoring and analysis of one of the most popular TV series in Mexico. 

grupo w

Turismo Canarias

Listening to everything that was being said on social media was a great challenge, but nowadays Turismo Canarias easily follows and analyses user conversations and feelings about the Islands and this enables us to keep track of the impacts on tourism. 


Offering the best service possible to clients is what makes digital agencies stand out in today’s market, and it is with this in mind that HMG partnered with Buzzmonitor, in order to follow themes and trends, and for analysing their clients’ brands as well as competitors’.



HAVAS improved the quality of service by offering their clients an integral tool with several functionalities and monthly updates in one place, presence in a number of countries and sustained by Artificial Intelligence. 


By keeping a close watch on what users think about their products and measuring campaigns results on social media, Samsung was able to find out what users feel about them to and collect relevant information which enabled its continuous growth in the Spanish market. 



Basing digital decisions on data and results allowed Avianca to optimise their social media strategy and position themselves as one of the market leaders. 

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“Our experience with  Buzzmonitor was very positive. We had to tackle all kinds of projects, all with considerable reach. Working hand in hand with Buzzmonitor, we managed to undertake projects of great magnitude, from local to global, obtaining some very valuable results in terms of work methodology and insights. Furthermore, their predisposition for assistance is something we really appreciate at MRM.”

Pablo Ferrer – Header of Social media


“Buzzmonitor covers all the needs of Social Media Marketing professionals, facilitating decision making in real time by enabling listening, analysing and acting on conversations related to your clients. A multichannel environment based on teamwork,  without the need to be tied to a workstation, with assistance received from an agile, decisive and specialized support team. Without a doubt, a recommended tool and a guarantee of peace of mind.”

José Manuel López – Social Media

Coordinator Publicis

“Our assessment after one year of using Buzzmonitor is very positive because the tool undergoes constant updates and is always improving and producing new reports. We’ve always had something new to offer our clients.”

David Díaz – Head of Social Media



“We believe that good digital performance is also the result of strategic alliances – such as with Buzzmonitor – which helps us to manage all the information we receive from our consumers and to respond in a relevant way in search of their greater satisfaction. We are committed to alliances that reinforce McDonald’s role as a brand that wants to be at the forefront of digital innovation, allowing consumers to have an increasingly convenient and simplified experience.”

Sérgio Leal – Marketing and Communication Director

McDonald’s Portugal

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