Social Listening

Discover what’s being said about your brand on social media, listen
to conversations, analyse your audience and find out what’s trending
in your industry with Buzzmonitor.

Keep track of mentions to your brand
and competitor brands
on all social media platforms

Listen to what people say about
your brand and your competitors

With Social Listening you’ll find out how the public feels about your brand, which are
the most cited terms, which times generate the most buzz, and much more. Follow
everything that’s being said about your brand on social media and improve your
business’s performance.

Keep a close watch on your
campaign's performance.

Keep track of your brand’s sponsored posts and dark posts and your competitors’.
Accompany engagement and comments generated by campaigns using real time

Monitor Social News

Which of your social media news was most shared? What content generated the most
engagement? What content generated the most reactions and had the biggest impact
on your brand? In addition to following social media publications, you can also use the 
social news feature to keep an eye on news about your brand on Facebook.

Don't miss your application's ratings

No digital strategy can be complete without understanding how the public feels about
your application. Register links to applications such as Google Play Store and App Store
to keep track of ratings, star counts and to access reports for that channel.

Use cases

Discover how Boticário covered the launch campaign of their
Nativa SPA Jasmim Sambac collection,  which reduces the
effects of stress on the skin.  During the process, Buzzmonitor’s monitoring operation proved essential for mapping user profiles, getting to know the audience and identifying insights.

Social Mention for all social
media platforms, in just one place

Instagram Monitoring

More than 20 standardised reports  for social listening.

Monitor your dark post campaigns. 

Find out how your public and influencers feel and which times generate the most buzz. 

Facebook Monitoring

Essential social listening reports for your brands and your competitors. 

Monitor your dark post campaigns.

Keep track of publications and news (Social News).  

Twitter Monitoring

Follow mentions and comments in real time. 

Quickly discover the most engaged influencers and users. 

Carry out key-word searches in user bios. 

YouTube Monitoring

Get insights through video monitoring. 

Refine your monitoring by combining exclusive You Tube filtres. 

Search for mentions within the channel, comments, replies, videos or playlists. 

App Store Monitoring

Find out how the public feels about your app. 

Monitor Google Play Store and App Store applications. 

Get access to evaluations, star ratings and reports. 

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