Analyse the impact obtained from your social media strategy and make data driven decisions to optimise your content. 

Base your communication
strategy on data

Create campaigns and measure their impact

Analysing the results of your digital campaigns enables you to identify their impact and how consumers understood the campaign content, allowing you to instantly improve and make further strategic decisions. 



Gain insights and create content that impacts your audience

Listen to what your consumers have to say, identify key trends and new insights for developing ideas, messages and relevant campaigns that will have the greatest impact on your audience.  



Find influencers that keep up with your strategy

Discover potential influencers that will amplify your message or brand campaign and reach a wider audience. Buzzmonitor helps you find these profiles and analyse their reach and performance. 

Share results with your team and optimise your content.

Create reports containing content and campaign metrics and results, then easily and quickly share the data with your team in real time.


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