Buzzmonitor April Updates: Instant Social Media Reports with AI Insights and More

The latest updates have just arrived, featuring the most anticipated update of the year integrated into ChatGPT! Are you ready to discover how Artificial Intelligence will further optimize your social media routine?

For April, our technology team has prepared a series of exciting updates, all available now for you to make the most of. This month’s updates focus on the Monitoring module, but we also have platform and Analytics Pro module updates. Keep reading to learn more about each of them in detail.


Monitoring and CRM

AI Insights:

We’ve developed a new feature to transform how you analyze interactions. With the option of AI Insights, you can now obtain a concise and simplified summary of interactions in reports, highlighting key insights quickly and efficiently.

Note: This feature will be available for subscription, subject to applicable commercial conditions. Consult your CS for more information.


Monitoring Unmanaged Pages on LinkedIn:

Now, you can monitor LinkedIn pages not managed by the Buzzmonitor-linked account. Data collection will exclusively cover posts from the monitored pages. To enable this feature, you need a LinkedIn account linked to Buzzmonitor and to create a project that includes the URLs of the desired pages in the dedicated LinkedIn tab.


Feedback Surveys for Instagram Direct Messages:

In the Tickets tab of the account configuration screen, you can now set up feedback surveys to be sent to users assisted via Instagram direct messages. Surveys can be created for one or multiple Instagram pages, offering up to three customizable rating options.

The sending option is displayed on the ticket screen and in the reports for completed tickets, with the statuses Resolved or Closed.

The sent surveys and evaluations received from users will be collected and displayed in the reports.

Evaluations received can be filtered using the Feedback option in the type filter and generate charts based on the sentiment of the received evaluations.


Team Work Hours:

To improve and provide more detailed tracking of each user’s SLA, custom work hour records have been implemented for teams in the account. These specific hours will apply to SLA calculations for all users associated with the respective team, providing more efficient management tailored to each team’s needs.


Cost Metrics for Instagram Sponsored Posts:

It’s now possible to monitor cost metrics for Instagram sponsored posts through reports that provide data on cost per link click, click-through rate, and cost per thousand impressions.


Group Direct Messages Collection on X (Twitter):

Direct messages sent in groups on X are now collected. This allows for more precise and personalized control when analyzing and responding to direct messages, providing more effective management of communications in X group environments.

And, to facilitate efficient management of these interactions, we have also added the Group Message type in the specific filters for X in the reports and triggers.


Customization of Subject in Ticket Report:

We’ve enhanced the ticket report sending functionality, now allowing customization of the subject in sent emails.


Edits in Google My Business Reviews:

An indicator has been implemented to identify Google My Business reviews edited by the author and to view the edit date.


Analytics Pro

Cost Metrics for Sponsored Posts:

We introduced a deeper analysis of cost metrics for top sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram. Now, in the Top Posts section within the Ads tab, detailed information will be displayed on cost per link click, click-through rate, and cost per thousand impressions.



Email Alert for Invalid Token:

Email alerts have been implemented to notify about the invalidation of token associated accounts in Buzzmonitor. Now, you’ll be promptly informed, allowing for immediate action to maintain data collection integrity and effectiveness in your accounts, preventing potential information loss due to invalid tokens.

We hope these updates help improve your daily management and make your workflow more efficient. If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success for assistance. 😉


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