Launch of Buzz GPT: Streamline Social Media Content Production with Buzzmonitor

Crafting engaging content that resonates with the audience is a challenge for brands operating on social media platforms. At Buzzmonitor, we’re always at the forefront, anticipating the needs of our clients, which is why we’ve launched Buzz GPT. This new functionality, integrated with OpenAI’s technology, optimizes the creation of social media content, enhancing the production of content capable of generating higher engagement.

This solution provides strategic insights for creating both textual and visual content using Buzzmonitor’s extensive database.


How to Use Buzz GPT?

Buzz GPT is available at this link and can be utilized as a content laboratory for your brand, provided you have access to the Plus version of ChatGPT. To demonstrate its practical use, our Brazil team conducted an example without defining a specific brand persona, focusing solely on a theme: Black Consciousness Day.

To do this, we utilized Buzzmonitor Trends to identify posts with the highest engagement between 16/10 and 15/11/2023 and built a database with 500 posts exclusively extracted from Facebook. From there, we used our GPT with the following instructions:

Analyze the attached spreadsheet and identify posts with the highest number of ‘likes’, observing textual patterns. Then, create a Facebook post commemorating Black Consciousness Day using the same observed patterns.

The result is available in the image below:

In case you also need assistance with producing the image accompanying this post, you can benefit from significant progress in generating images and artwork through artificial intelligence. DALL-E, now available for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, can also be utilized within Buzz GPT.

As demonstrated in the example below:

The tool not only creates the image but also presents the layout tailored for Facebook. This integration of customized GPTs and DALL-E in Buzzmonitor illustrates the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in digital content creation. With the ability to analyze trends, identify engagement patterns, and generate relevant visual and textual content, these are the new tools redefining how brands interact with the public.

The launch of GPTs by OpenAI represents a significant advancement in AI personalization and expands business opportunities. GPTs are customized versions of ChatGPT, designed to meet the specific needs of organizations across various sectors and individuals as well. This innovation allows anyone to create a version of ChatGPT tailored to be more useful in their daily life for specific tasks and share this creation with others.


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