New Automatic Ticket Distribution: More Control and Efficiency in Customer Service

We have an amazing update in Buzzmonitor to make your customer service even more efficient, and automatically! The Customer Service module will feature automatic and uniform ticket distribution by analyst, more equitable and with many customization possibilities.

Currently, tickets are assigned to analysts and teams using four assignment methods:

  • Manually: Changing the responsible party when viewing a ticket or filtering in a report and changing in bulk.
  • Through Triggers: Setting up rules so that filtered interactions generate a ticket assigned to a specific user or team.
  • In user settings: Activating the option “change the responsible party to … when responding”.
  • “Respond to more Tickets” button: Available to all users who can respond to tickets and have access to at least one project in the account. The button assigns tickets that are free according to the selected projects and tags.


We have now implemented new automatic ticket distribution settings, which will bring more agility and efficiency to your customer service!

Starting in June, you will be able to opt for uniform automatic distribution. This way, new tickets will be distributed in order among analysts with available status, like in a queue. Additionally, it will be possible to redirect pending tickets to the queue or to another analyst when the current responsible party’s status becomes inactive.

This configuration will also help prevent the accumulation of pending tickets if an analyst requests more tickets without finishing those that are still open.

Additionally, it will be possible to:

  • Allow the admin user to enable and disable the delivery of new tickets to an analyst.
  • Add a permission for the option to request more tickets.
  • Block the option to request more tickets when the analyst has too many pending tickets.
  • Configure how many tickets will be returned when requesting more tickets.


Furthermore, the account administrator will be able to enable or disable the automatic distribution mode as desired. All to give you greater customization and control over your customer service.

Amazing, right? These and other new features will be arriving in Buzzmonitor starting in June. Stay tuned to our blog! 😉


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