Crisis Management

Prevent, control and manage a potential crisis surrounding your brand. Monitor mentions and keep track of their repercussions using real time dashboards.

Discover how to detect a potential crisis
and stay ahead of all the main events
surrounding your brand

Identify mentions and negative comments ahead of time

Attending to a crisis ahead of time is the key to resolving it. Detect any mention, comment or activity that may jeopardise your brand and keep a close watch on
any developments using customised reports.

Share your brand's progress
on one dashboard

Gather all relevant information about your brand and share it with your
team so everyone is kept up to date with any repercussions on social
media by following user mentions, comments and sentiments in real time.
2. Dashboard_Crisis

Use cases

Discover firsthand from our clients how to make the most of the
best Social Intelligence tool.

How can you manage and prevent a brand crisis?


Customised reports with metrics and data on the most relevant themes for your brand. 


The development of mentions and comments through email alerts
and take action whenever necessary.


Different reports on just one complete and intuitive dashboard. Cross-check your data.

Edit and customise

Dashboards in order to obtain the best metrics and data according
to your needs.

Do not put off to tomorrow
what you can do today!

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