Social Listening

Gather all your social media monitoring information on one dashboard
and share insights with your team regarding number of mentions, user sentiments, most relevant terms and much more…

Listen to what users are saying about
your brand and share insights with your team

Keep a close watch on what
is said about your brand

Which are the most mentioned themes? What do users feel about your brand? Which users have most engagement?  These and many more reports will tell
you if your brand is in a healthy state on social media and will enable you to
share insights with your team through a customised dashboard.

Measure your share of voice

Compare your brand’s online presence with your competition, in real time,
during a certain period.

Use cases

Learn firsthand from our clients how to make the most of the
best Social Intelligence tool.

How can you optimise your digital
strategy with data?


What users say and feel about your brand. 


Relevant insights to optimise your digital strategy.  


The impact of your campaigns and actions. Evaluate their reach
and repercussions on your users.


What’s being said about your brand and your competitors to identify unique opportunities. 

Boost your digital strategy
with Social Listening!

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