on YouTube

With Social Listening you get insights and create strategies
to connect with your public.

Find out what's being said
about your brand on You Tube

Use video monitoring
to gain insights

Accompany mentions to your brand and your competitors on You Tube.
Combine them with analytics metrics to obtain a complete overview of
your social media presence.

Refine your monitoring with
exclusive filters for You Tube

Perform searches according to mentions on the channel, comments,
replies, videos or play lists.

Use cases

Find out how they covered the launch campaign of their Nativa
SPA Jasmim Sambac collection, which reduces the effects of stress
on the skin.  During the process, Buzzmonitor’s monitoring operation proved essential for mapping user profiles, getting to know the audience and obtaining valuable insights.

How do I find out
what users think about my brand?


Your brand’s social media pages on our monitoring module
and start performing automatic sentiments analyses using AI.


The data collected. With Buzzmonitor you can filter sentiments according to social media platform, post type, term or theme. 


According to a specific period or campaign. For obtaining a
consistent volume of data we recommend at least one week
of data analysis.


Yourself with the themes generating the most positive or
negative sentiments, after using tags to identify and classify
them. This will help you refine your strategy.

Optimise your social media
positioning using Buzzmonitor!

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